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The Urban Aviary is a recourse for new and aspiring urban farmers and homesteaders. It was founded by Jaren O'Driscoll, an avid proponent of producing your own quality food and striving for self reliance. He understood that a lot of people wanted to help provide better food for themselves than they could buy at the grocery store, but that not everybody had a lot of property or even knew where to begin. The Urban Aviary is designed to help you reach your food production and sustainability goals, whether you live in an apartment in the city or a large home in the suburbs. The options are endless, sometimes you just need someone to show you what those options are.


Jaren O'Driscoll was born and raised in a small community along the Uintah Mountain range of northern Utah. He learned to hunt and fish at a young age and has been involved in some form of animal husbandry since the age of ten. He has always had an incredible love for and fascination with animals of every kind. Later in adulthood, Jaren became concerned with the state of our industrial food system. He began applying the skills of animal husbandry he had learned in his youth to help provide him and his new family quality alternatives. He began raising quail and documenting his expertise on his YouTube channel. He had many more ideas and goals to be more self reliant including food forestry, vermicomposting, gardening, microgreens, aquaculture, aquaponics and more.

But before he could get started on any of these projects he was contacted by his local city government and ordered to remove his ducks and chickens from his property. Angry, but undeterred to provide his own quality food, he expanded his quail operation and began growing microgreens. He also began selling this produce along with quail eggs in his local area. Soon he was receiving emails from his viewers asking him questions about raising quail and telling their stories of urban farming and homesteading. It was at this time that he felt inspired to help others learn to produce their own quality food. A few months later he had his urban home sold and moved his family to a 2 acre property in his hometown to begin expanding his urban homesteading projects and teaching them to others.

Jaren strives for easy, practical farming and homesteading practices that the average person can understand and accomplish. Many people make this lifestyle seem complicated and difficult, and he wants to show people that ANYONE can provide their own quality food. Regardless of their knowledge, skills or living arrangements. As his motto goes, "You can do this too."